Field Rules


Please remember that common sense and courtesy are the primary ingredients of a safe and enjoyable flying experience. The AMA Safety Code must be followed at all times.


The last person leaving the facility is to lock the gate.  Insure that the hanger is locked.


You must be an AMA member to fly at our field.

No running of engines before 9 AM.  Electric powered models are exempt.

Flying over the picnic area, pit area or buffer zone is prohibited.

Do not flying over any person, on the field, on the runways, or on farm planted areas.

Non-steering aircraft may be carried to the runways with engine(s) running with permission from other pilots.

If it is necessary to walk on the runway to retrieve an airplane, someone should assist you in watching for other aircraft.

Do not fly 3D maneuvers, helicopters or multicopters over the geotextile runway.

Tables may be provided for pilots who are unable to start or run engines on the ground.

After taking off from any runway, the first turn of the aircraft must be away from the pit area.

Members of the club may invite a guest flyer, but not more than twice each year.

Guests must be current AMA members and abide by all club rules.

Members and guests are responsible for the good conduct of children and pets.

Running of engines for break in purpose shall be done behind the hanger, not in the picnic area.

Any pilot flying a 72 mhz transmitter must co-ordinate with any other 72 mhz pilot to avoid conflict.

No unattended LiPo battery charging inside the hanger.

The first aid station must be open during all regular and special activities.