The Cincinnati Aeromodelers run several events each year.  Our calendar lists our events and activities.

IMAC Contest

We hold two soaring contests each year.  An Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS) contest in June.  The OVSS contest is a regional event with scores contributing to an annual winner of the Rhemus Trophy.

We hold a National F5J contest in late August.  "The Flying Pig F5J" draws pilots from throughout the midwest and south.  Scores contribute to national standings of F5J pilots.

Scale models perform precision manuevers that are divided into different skill levels from Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited.  The models must be scale replicas of full scale aircraft. Pilots fly a “sequence” of pre-established maneuvers  in front of judges.  Starting with a perfect score of 10 for each maneuver,  judges will deduct for deviations or errors.   Sequences generally consist of 8 – 10 maneuvers.

The Dawn Patrol refers to WW1 aircraft that would make early morning reconnaissance flights to observe enemy positions and movements.  Pilots fly large scale model aircraft such as Nieuport 28, Fokker Dr-1, Spad V and the Pfalz DIII.  These open cockpit aircraft were the beginning of aviation in warfare and aerial "dog fights".  

Each Fall, the Aeromodelers hold a swap meet at Strickers Grove. This annual event is widely known throughout the model aviation regional community and well attended by vendors and enthusiasts.

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